Limestone Fluid Bed Dryer

Nutraceutical Fluid Bed Dryer

Energy efficient fluid bed dryer for sand improves profitability.

Increase yields with shaking fluid bed transport.

Mineral Drying

Engineering for energy efficiency and reliability make Ventilex fluid bed dryers more profitable for aggregate producers.

Conditioning Product

Dry, cool or condition your product in the same fluid bed transport. Our sophisticated PLC controls & algorithms give you complete process control.

Frac Sand Dryers

Ventilex engineers the most energy efficient fluid bed dryers available. Reducing operating costs increases profit.

Food Drying

The Ventilex shaking fluid bed transport is gentle on product and provides true "plug flow"; first-in, first out, for more efficient drying.

Guaranteed Energy Savings

Fluid Bed Dryers with Energy Saving Controls

When drying large volumes of material, energy consumption is your greatest controllable expense. Ventilex fluid bed dryers maximize return on investment by reducing energy expenses. It may be hard to … Read More

Highest Uptime

Highest Uptime Fluid Bed Dryers

When uptime matters, Ventilex fluid bed dryers and coolers deliver the highest availability in fluid bed dryer technology. Ventilex offers a very fundamental advantage in non-static fluid bed dryers: … Read More

Maximum Yield

Max Yield Fluid Bed Dryers

Fines created in the drying process represent a significant loss of revenue for many material producers. Ventilex fluid bed dryers offer “low impact” processing of your material, taking advantage of a … Read More